Bringing Unity to UEFA EURO 2024 Mascot: Albärt

Meet Albärt, the charming mascot of UEFA EURO 2024! Chosen through a lively vote among users and schoolchildren across Europe, Albärt, the teddy bear, embodies the spirit of fun and unity that defines the tournament. With a rich history of past mascots like Berni and Goaliath, Albärt stands out as the favorite, winning with 32% of the votes.


Albärt made his grand debut at a primary school in Gelsenkirchen, where his presence ignited excitement and encouraged children to embrace the joy of football and the values it promotes. Phillip Lahm, the tournament director, emphasizes the importance of sparking imagination and enjoyment among children through Albärt’s presence. The mascot’s mission extends beyond appearances; through the #MakeMoves initiative, Albärt challenges students across Europe to activate his movements through their own physical activity.


Using cutting-edge technology, children can even see their skills and celebrations transformed into animations for the tournament. Celia Šašić, EURO 2024 tournament ambassador, stresses the importance of instilling values like teamwork and an active lifestyle from a young age. Albärt serves as a symbol of inspiration, reminding the next generation of the power of playfulness, motion, and unity in shaping a brighter future.


As EURO 2024 approaches, Albärt is ready to captivate hearts and bring people together in celebration of the beautiful game. Get ready to experience the magic of football through the eyes of this lovable mascot!

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